Vision Quest In-depth Discussion with Rain Czupryna & Steve McKenzie


Tuesday 2 February – 3.30pm

Rain is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Coach/Mentor, Vision Quest Protector, mother and mystic, living in the Northern Rivers and offering her passion for “mid-wiving” the sacred human soul journey from a shamanic perspective. She trained to protect Vision Quests in the States in the lineage of Stalking Wolf, and has taken a spiritual pledge to facilitate this ceremony. Rain has deep faith in the transformational power of the Vision Quest, and has taken about 20 groups / 170 people through their initiations since 2003 Rain has undertaken about 6 quests of her own thus far, attributing much of her own life blessings and clarity to this medicine path.

Presentation details

This interactive talk offers you a sacred space in which you can learn more about The Vision Quest ceremony, its strong relevance for today’s world, and tune into your own possible inner calling to quest. Information will be provided that speaks to those called to become a Vision Quest Protector in the lineage of Grandfather, Stalking Wolf.

The Vision Quest is a 4day/night solo wilderness, rite of passage ceremony and one of the original sacred earth ceremonies given to humanity by White Buffalo Calf Woman, practiced all through time from the ancients to today. Often a once-only life event, The Vision Quest requires full commitment, sacrifice, and a fast from all things familiar, the ordeal in turn, gifting the quester commonly with restoration of the sacred, awakening of the Human Spirit and “Soul DNA”, intimate connection with the spiritual world and Gaia, self-transformation and healing, vision, consciousness maturity, resolution/clarity, authentic power, purpose and sustained experience in The Silence.